Eric joined Future 5 during his sophomore year as a student with difficulties in language and lacking professional social skills. At the beginning, Eric had a hard time with the basics of interacting with adults – handshakes, eye contact, confidence, and the ability to ask for help. Much of this lack of confidence stemmed from his experience in a horrific car accident five years ago, in which he lost his mother and was in physical therapy for two months.

Over time, Eric learned to trust Future 5 staff, coaches, and fellow student members. He became a regular at Future 5 and opened himself up to obtain the help he needed. At Job Preparation Workshops, Eric practiced a number of “soft skills”, which helped him find after school employment and introduced him to a variety of adults and career opportunities.

During his senior year, Eric was selected as one of two students to take on the role of Assistant Coach in the Future 5 Job Preparation workshop.

Eric accepted to Norwalk Community College, fall 2013