Interested in becoming a Future 5 coach, tutor or volunteer?

Please contact Meg Carey for information or apply here.

We couldn’t do the work we do without our army of 80+ volunteers. As our student membership grows, we need even more volunteers and invite you to join us as we change the lives of high school students in Stamford. Connect with Future 5 as a volunteer and you may find it changes your life as well!

Coaching and Volunteer Opportunities

Here to There Coach
We tell our prospective members that, “You commit to us by attending all six weekly sessions and we’ll commit to you and all it means to be a member of Future 5.” Low key, fun, and highly interactive, Here to There is the beginning of the connection experience.

Here to There is our entry and required 6-week membership workshop. Focused on self-discovery, students first learn to connect with themselves through small group discussions facilitated by Future 5 staff and Here to There coaches. The goal of the workship is for students to examine their strengths and identify their short and long term goals as well as identify the obstacles (“gremlins”) that may trip them up on their path to achieving their goals.

As a Here to There coach, you will help facilitate discussion based on weekly themes including Perseverance, Commitment, Asking for Help, and Success. At the conclusion of the Here to There workshop, each student becomes a full member of Future 5 and writes a Game Plan for Life with the help of staff and coaches. This Game Plan documents the student’s gremlins, strategies, and short and long term goals on his/her path from Here to There.

Job Prep Coach
Job Prep is a workshop designed to help students master the soft skills needed to excel in the workplace. Through discussions and real-time application of strategies learned, students gain the confidence and skill set necessary to network, secure a job, and sustain employment. The role of a Job Prep Coach is to facilitate small group discussions based on the weekly skill set topic. Topics covered include work ethics, public speaking, interpersonal skills, resume writing, social media presence, teamwork, interviews and follow-up. Students emerge from the workshop with increased self-confidence, a resume and elevator pitch, and the tools necessary to find a summer or part time job and/or internship.
College Coach
College Prep ensures that high school students receive the preparation needed to transition successfully from high school to college. This workshop offers a full array of college help including guidance on navigating the college and financial aid applications, college visits, detailed advice on college selection, etc. Coaches are matched one-on-one with a student and partner with their student for the entire academic year. College Prep coaches are encouraged to attend both the workshops and meet with their student separately each week.
Future 5 offers academic tutoring in every subject and each grade level four days per week. In addition to helping students understand class material, tutors work with students to improve study skills by focusing on strategies that connect prior knowledge.
Game Plan Coach
Each Future 5 student member creates a Game Plan at the end of the Here to There membership workshop. A student’s Game Plan includes a list of the student’s short and long term goals as well as specific action steps the student has identified to help him/her achieve those goals.

The Game Plan Coach meets individually with a student monthly to review, update and refine the student’s Game Plan to help him/her stay on track. The role of the coach is to provide positive support and encourage the student to aim high and value the challenges and rewards that come with pushing oneself to achieve. Coaching includes life-skill fundamentals, including long-term goals, creating action steps, and learning how to maximize connections with adults, peers and community partners.

Community Service Coach
Community Service Coaches work side-by-side with students as they provide service to community organizations such as Pacific House, Fairgate Farm, Person-to-Person, Mill River Park and more. Our members connect to the community, develop a sense of civic responsibility, and learn the joys of giving to others.