Gyongyi Gulyas
Future 5 College Coach

As a Future 5 volunteer, I’ve learned that sharing your college and life experience and sincerely caring can be all that it takes to change the trajectory of a young person’s life.  By coaching high school students who join Future 5, I have been able to share what I have learned to help them position themselves for college and future success. I’ve enjoyed seeing young people grow in their knowledge, abilities, and self-confidence every day.

Future 5 provides the best tools and support related to college admissions and future success that exist to students that join its program.  And it costs them nothing, except committing to investing in themselves!  I have found that being a Future 5 volunteer coach is the most fun and rewarding way that I can impact a young person’s life in a meaningful and lasting way.

Mark Berry
Future 5 College Coach & Mentor

Being a mentor starts by creating a bond of friendship and trust that allows your mentee to share their aspirations or goals.  As the relationship matures, the considerable challenges that many underprivileged teenagers face emerge.  These challenges can be anything from “how do I find a job” or “how can I get a bank account” to “how can I speak better English or better balance my social life with the demands of school”.  Many of these children are in challenging situations that require them to grow up quickly.  A mentor’s experience and perspective can be invaluable to them at this stage of their lives and set the stage for a lifelong friendship that can be even more valuable to all involved.  It has been one of the most satisfying experiences of my life.

Claudia Victoria Correa
Future 5 Tutor

As a “coach” at Future 5, I primarily tutor students in Spanish. However, I feel my impact goes beyond academics, fostering a safe space where students feel comfortable opening up about their academic and personal challenges. This allows me to offer personalized guidance and support that goes beyond the classroom. 

Volunteering at Future 5 stems from my belief in community responsibility. Witnessing the organization’s impact on young lives inspired me to contribute. The opportunity to empower and equip the next generation with the tools and resources they need to succeed brings immense satisfaction. There is great joy in knowing, even if in a small way, I am contributing to shaping the future of someone’s life.

Liz Levine
Future 5 College Coach, Mentor & Tutor

For the students, the staff, and for volunteers such as myself, I’ve found Future 5 to be a place where respect, support, humor and dedicated work all contribute to creating a positive and dynamic community. Future 5 is very unique in this respect, and an especially welcoming environment for new students. We learn from each other and we always want to share. Individual student achievements are celebrated by everyone!

Marvin Louis
Girls & Boys Club of Stamford
Future 5 Alum and Board Member

Fanny Moran
Future 5 College Coach & Volunteer

Jim Fox
Future 5 “Next Track” Coach and Volunteer

Martin Heslin
Future 5 College Coach