What Future 5 is All About

We believe in human potential. In particular, the potential for each and every young person who climbs our stairs to find success in life. In fact, the lettering on our entrance stairway spells this out: “Every step I take helps me overcome the traps that hold me back and leads me to my limitless future.”

The future is important. There is a path to success. And Future 5 shows the way. We do this by offering motivated students an opportunity for membership in a caring community. A community that helps them connect with themselves and the character traits of optimism, determination, and grit. We also connect them to a web of support, and in particular, an army of dedicated community volunteers – our Future 5 “coaches.”

Once a motivated student is willing to commit to us and to his or her future, we will do whatever it takes to help our student stay on track through high school and achieve a plan for college or career training. As we tell our members: Future 5’s got your back!”

Our Goal

Our main goal is to support our high school student members and connect them to their community, to coaches, to college, to careers, and most importantly, to themselves. Since our founding we have served more than 500 student members by instilling the can-do attitude of the Future 5 brand and teaching the importance of resilience, grit, follow-through, and integrity. Our students’ success will directly impact the high school population, the community at large, as well as the companies that operate in Stamford.

How Future 5 Started

Our Vision In Action