We couldn’t do the work we do without our army of 80+ volunteers. As our student membership grows, we need even more volunteers and invite you to join us as we change the lives of high school students in Stamford. Connect with Future 5 as a volunteer and you may find it changes your life as well! Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Jane Kessler Hickok for more information. Thank you!

Coaching and Volunteer Opportunities

Here to There Coach

Future 5 is looking for new dynamic coaches for our “Here to There” sessions in which we discuss topics such as: commitment, goals, obstacles, and strategies to overcoming obstacles, along with creating a game plan during the final session with high school students. Coaches participate in large group discussions based on a theme and facilitate breakout sessions with several students. We are looking for individuals who enjoy guiding and connecting with youth through this 6-week workshop. Sessions are once a week from 4-5:30: Boys meet on Tuesday; Girls meet on Thursday. Commitment per week: 1 hour

Community Service Coach

Future 5 is looking for 3 Community Service Coaches to assist in our growing service program. Coaches will be asked to accompany students on service projects and chaperone during the actual events. This includes driving students back and forth to projects. Please note that the majority of projects take place on Friday afternoons in Stamford. There will be occasional weekend projects. Future 5 serves with Inspirica, Person-to-Person, Fairgate Farm, Mill River Park, Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County and other community organizations! Commitment per week: 2-3 hours

College Coach

Future 5 is always on the lookout for College Coaches to add to our incredible College prep program. These coaches will be assigned to one or two seniors in high school to assist them through the college application process. Starting in September, seniors will meet once a week for a college prep workshop. The role of the college coach is to then reinforce what the student has learned, give them feedback/support, and to assist students with steps of the application process. Our prep program will take students from starting the Common App, applying for Financial Aid, to choosing a college to attend in the spring. Many coaches choose to attend the Monday night workshops and meet with their student after but this is not required. The commitment continues through May when students accept their college offers. Commitment per week: 1-2 hours

Job Prep Coach

Similar to the Here to There coaching opportunity, the Job Prep coach’s responsibility to is to support and facilitate discussion during the workshop. During Future 5’s 6 week Job Prep workshop, coaches will sit in on a weekly themed session. This session will begin as a large group discussion and then will break out into smaller groups. Coaches will be asked to facilitate a discussion and prompt students during the break out. Small group sessions might include planning a small skit, coming up with a list, or working on skills that have just been introduced. Commitment per week: 1.5 hours

  • Brainwave Special Host

  • Tutoring

  • Event Tickets

    Cultural or sporting events, such as theater, concerts, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, tennis, Big Apple Circus, etc.

Future 5 helps motivated low-income high school students in Stamford connect to their full potential leading to independence and productive citizenship.