Below is the application to the JCI Senate Scholarship.  This Scholarship has no GPA requirement but they are looking for involvement in community service and leadership roles.  This scholarship is for $1000.00 and is due 1/24/20.
This application can not be submitted electronically.  It must be submitted via mail.  Therefore, if you are interested in applying to this scholarship please hand in your application to Lise no later than 1/15/20!
There are 2 scholarships, both are need based scholarships based on your family income, the application must be obtained through your guidance counselor.  Attached is a list of colleges and universities that will receive grant money from the need and merit based fund and the expected amount that you may receive.  If you have been accepted to one of these schools and plan to attend you should get the application from your high school guidance counselor.  For this need and merit based scholarship you must be in the top 20% and 1200+ SATS.  These scholarships will be distributed by the financial aid office at the school that you attend.  You must go to the office in September to let them know you are interested in the scholarship money.
There is also a need based only scholarship for CT students attending a public, or non profit, college or university in CT. This scholarship is based on your EFC and will be submitted with your FAFSA.  For more information please go to your guidance counselor.  The scholarship is for $4500.00.  Both applications are due 2/15/20.