Mirriam joined Future 5 her sophomore year hiding behind a quiet, shy exterior shielding her fierce inner determination. In addition to her studies, Mirriam works five days a week at the Tully Medical Center, a crucial step in pursuing her interest in nursing and a means of helping her family with living expenses.

Two years ago, during a Future 5 college visit to Central Connecticut State University, Mirriam sat down in one of the impressive lecture halls and declared to the group that she did not want to leave and that Central was the ideal place for her. Driven by Future 5, she worked tirelessly to make this goal a reality.

This June, Mirriam, on her own initiative, gave a moving speech at the Future 5 graduation event. She thanked the coaches who helped her along the way and told the audience of the many lessons learned at Future 5 and how she would utilize them during the next chapter of her life.

Mirriam accepted to Central Connecticut State University, fall 2013