Clif McFeely, Future 5 Founder, worked across the street from where Future 5 exists today for many years as the president of an ad agency, Northcastle Partners.  While volunteering with the Stamford youth community, he had heard many local high school students express their frustration and feelings of hopelessness about the personal, social, academic and financial obstacles they faced. Clif realized that under-resourced, first-gen students, by themselves, lacked the connections needed to achieve their full potential. Inspired by the possibilities and power of connection, Clif founded Future 5.  

Since our founding in 2009, we have served more than 925 student members by instilling the can-do attitude of the Future 5 brand and teaching the importance of resilience, perseverance and integrity. 

We’ve expanded over the years to include a College Success program to help ensure that our college students succeed while they’re in college, Career Counseling for jobs and internships, and an Alum 5 network where members give back to Future 5 in a variety of ways — bringing Future 5 full circle.