Dear Future 5,

As I begin my first few days of college, I would like to take this moment to thank everyone at Future 5 for making my high school experience so worthwhile and rewarding. From the day that I set foot in Future 5 in my freshman year of high school, something told me that the people involved here were going to help me big time.

What started as an occasional stop in for desperate math help quickly turned into a connection with not only the staff but many of the students, with whom I became friends through Future 5. After completing the “Here to There” program, I suddenly felt like a part of the Future 5 family. I would not get to where I am without the extraordinary help from coaches and full-time staff at Future 5. In fact, my interest for civil engineering would be all but existent without Future 5’s job shadowing opportunities, which eventually led to a summer internship in my related field.

Every student across the country should have access to a program that not only helps them with academic workload but helps to develop their soft skills and really craft themselves into the person they want to be. My experience at Future 5 could not have been a better one, and all the adults were eager to help me with just about any problem or question I had. Without a college coach, I would not see myself at RIT or even coming close to completing the college process on my own.

Thank you to all who helped me get to where I am; I know I want to do the same for high school students when I get to be accomplished in life like all of you. All this help and guidance helped me realize how many good people there are out there that will push you to do your best, even after you’ve given up. Many nights when I worked on my college essays and was ready to call it quits, it would just happen that my college coach would email me with more tips or revisions, which told me that if there’s someone who’s dedicating their time for me, there is no way I am giving up now. Every day spent at Future 5 was rewarding, whether to get work done or just socialize with so many great people. Thank you again for the guidance and help these last four years, and I can’t wait to come back soon to tell everyone how well the college world is going. Best of luck to all of you and the students in the coming school year!

Yours truly,

Greg accepted to the Rochester Institute of Technology, fall 2015