Why do we need corporate partners?

Your company and employees represent a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with our student members! Future 5 was founded on the principle of helping “disconnected” students make important connections with local businesses and organizations within the Stamford community. Your company can offer our students firsthand exposure to nearby jobs and careers.

Student demand for Future 5 continues to grow – we currently work with 100+ members and have a growth plan that targets 300+ members over the next few years. To reach this critical number and make an even bigger impact on the Stamford community, it is vital that we supplement our individual donations and foundation grants with additional corporate support and exposure.

Read about our Future 5 Job Prep Partnership.

How do we involve our corporate partners?

Future 5’s educational goal is to continue to expand the horizons for our members and to create awareness of the larger world of experiences that surround our Stamford students. We look to our corporate partners to supplement our after-school enrichment workshops. We couldn’t do it without you!

Involvement Opportunities

  • Student tours of your organization or business
  • Volunteers for coaching, mentoring and/or tutoring
  • Speakers for our workshops (Legal, HR, IT, Graphic Design, Building)
  • Provide conference space and employee participation for mock interviews
  • Funding for our awards and incentive programs
  • Funding for our academic needs (SAT/ACT prep)
  • Networking opportunities
  • Community service projects for our students’ participation
  • Job shadowing or internship opportunities
  • Summer jobs or permanent employment
  • Field trip experiences (baseball game, concert tickets, circus, theatre)
  • Funding for our graduation ceremony
  • Crafts projects for our members
  • General financial contributions

What does a Future 5 Partnership look like?

Future 5 will customize a program that works best with your company’s values and goals. Future 5’s Job Prep program for internship and job readiness training is where students learn communication and teamwork skills, problem solving and interview tactics plus resume and job search strategies. Your partnership might include a financial commitment and/or an in-kind contribution where your company supplements work experience opportunities to help Future 5 students further their job training skills and goals. This customizable program, outlined below, allows Future 5 students to learn first hand from your company employees about various jobs within your organization.

A customized program consists of:

Company Introduction and Tour

  • Small group of students visit your headquarters.
  • Brief overview of your company from selected executives and/or Human Resources.
  • Break into smaller groups for tour to meet a cross-section of departments/employees.
  • Department speakers provide a brief overview of department responsibilities and day-to-day job roles. Share a personal story regarding how one got involved with specific field/job.

Mock Interviews

Small group of students will be brought to your office to participate in mock interviews conducted by employees who volunteer. Interviews are brief, and are followed by a group session with employee/student feedback.

Job Shadowing

  • Selected students will have an opportunity during spring or summer break to spend part of a day shadowing an assigned employee.
  • Student assignment is based on area of job/career interest.


  • Selected students may apply for summer internships (number of openings to be determined) which would expose him or her to one or more company departments.
  • Job descriptions will be developed on a customized basis.

Other Future 5 Volunteer Opportunities for your Employees

One-on-one coaching. Volunteer roles include Tutor, Creative Coach, Staff Coach, College Coach, Financial Aid Coach and Game Plan Coach. These commitments range from weekly to monthly.

Future 5 helps motivated low-income high school students in Stamford connect to their full potential leading to independence and productive citizenship.