Future 5 connects motivated, under-resourced students in Stamford to the people and resources they need to achieve their educational, career and life goals. Our goal is to connect our members to the people, resources, and experiences essential to making the transition to post-secondary education and careers.

The College Success Program Director is responsible for the coordination and administrative oversight of all aspects of Future 5’s College Success and Workforce Development program, providing student members with the necessary guidance and support to be successful in college. The College Success Director works on the frontline with the rest of the Future 5 staff to ensure delivery of all aspects of the student membership experience including social, academic, physical and emotional needs. The College Success Director will build relationships with individual student members and become familiar with staff, volunteers, and resources at Norwalk Community College, UConn and other academic institutions in order to connect members to appropriate support and guidance.

The goal of the College Success program is to ensure that our community, trade, and 4-year college members are consistent in their studies and graduate with an associate degree, bachelor’s degree or path to employment. This is a direct report to the Executive Director and the responsibilities of this position include overseeing the College Success Manager, Career Advisor and possible additional staff as they engage with college members, advise students on appropriate classes and majors, assist in academic issues, maintain student academic records and provide career connections. The key is that each member should “land with a plan” headed towards independent living and productive citizenship.


Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

Lead Responsibilities

  • Oversee/execute meetings with students (ideally at least twice per semester) in order to provide guidance around academic progression(probation)/major/career exploration and development
  • Monitor manager’s game plans with students in order to aid in students’ progression towards a degree and employability.
  • Assist students with general obstacles that arise during the academic year (time management, financial aid, mental health, etc.) and refer to college and community resources.
  • Establish College Success student agreement and incentives for participation
  • Set up regular networking events for students
    Work with volunteer manager to recruit, manage and train volunteer coaches.
  • Monitor and maintain metrics on College Success students and report to leadership.
  • Create and maintain monthly newsletter for College Students
  • Facilitate relationship with CT State Community Colleges, Particularly Norwalk for off-site office use
  • Oversight of the Near Peer College Ambassador Program
  • Assist transfer bound students in this process and/or manage transfer coach relationship.
  • Facilitate student orientation and transitions for interested High School students.
  • Meet with incoming College Success students in late spring/early summer for introduction to College Success meeting.
  • Schedule and facilitate regular College Success lunches.
  • Oversight of the Workforce Development Program

College Success Operations

  • Serve as lead of the F5 Scholarship Committee – involved in selection process, accountability and disbursement of funds.
  • Manage scholarship fund tracking and distribution.
  • Implement summer bridge workshops for rising college freshmen.
  • Manage quarterly trips to partnership colleges and universities to meet with Future 5 college students and establish network of near peers and partner with college prep program to bring interested hs juniors/seniors.
  • Manage general college programming as workload permits.
  • Administer the college work study positions

Shared Responsibilities

  • Support students through graduation.
    Counsel and advise students by phone, email, text, and meetings
  • Resolve problems by clarifying issue; researching and exploring answers and alternative solutions and follow up to ensure resolution.
  • Engage students by focusing on outreach and retention efforts.
  • Support communications efforts to provide program-related, timely information to staff and participating members.
  • Work collaboratively with staff and coaches to understand processes, systems, and services and to resolve student issues.
  • Gather, compile, organize student metrics
  • Support transportation of students to off-site locations.
  • Flag potential issues to the Director of College Success and provide necessary early alert on academic and/or social interventions needed.
  • Identify motivated students and their stories.
  • Identify at-risk students and determine potential issues.

A strong candidate will have:

  • A master’s degree or bachelor’s and equivalent experience.
  • Experience in a higher education setting including college access
  • Self-direction and proven ability to be proactive
  • Strong communication skills both verbal and written
  • Strong organizational skills

Commitment/Compensation: This position is full-time, on-site with annual Salary and competitive benefits. Compensation commensurate with experience.

To apply for this position: Please submit your resume and cover letter to: [email protected]. Indicate
“Director of College Success” in subject.