About Future 5

We support motivated under-resourced students to reach their full potential, working to push through and remove systemic barriers for our (often first-generation, low-income) students. We use a holistic approach to meet them “here” and help them get “there” in our signature “Here to There” membership program and stay with them through high school, college, and into early career. Our members are part of Future 5 for life, often giving back to the next generation of high school students.


General Description

The Future 5 Volunteer Manager will be the main contact for all volunteers. The Volunteer Manager will provide introduction and support to F5 volunteers, ensuring that interested volunteers learn what Future 5 is about and learn of the different opportunities available. Overall responsible for identifying, tracking and managing this vital resource for Future 5.



  • Contact prospective volunteers and establish relationship with Future 5. Successfully orient all new volunteers. 
  • Maintain existing volunteer contingent.  Re-engage with any who have disconnected.
  • Further develop existing College Coach process for maximum effectiveness for student and coach.
  • Coordinate with Staff members the volunteer needs in all areas
  • Provide assistance and consultation for volunteers as needed and when requested.
  • Communicate consistently with volunteer base to ensure engagement
  • Make sure volunteers and coaches are logging in their hours. Maintain volunteer records.
  • Develop and assist with Volunteer appreciation events



  • Proficiency in Spanish a plus



  • Ability to communicate with, orient, and empower volunteers to be effective in their role.
  • Able to bring fresh ideas and innovative approaches to promoting the organization’s objectives.
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Desire to seek and apply best practices
  • Track metrics in F5 database program 
  • Prior volunteer management a plus


Time Commitment:

Approximately 20 hours per week.