Our Mission:

Future 5 helps connect motivated, low-income high school students in Stamford to their full potential, leading to independence and productive citizenship.

Program Overview: Field Guide to Future 5

Since 2009, Future 5 has provided out-of-school programming to low-income Stamford High School students. Located in the heart of downtown Stamford, our primary goal is to connect our student members to the people, resources, and experiences essential to making a successful transition to post-secondary education and careers.

Future 5 is a membership based organization. Once students have committed to Future 5, through completing our signature Here to There workshop, they may access all of our services. These workshops focus on connecting our members to Character, Coaches, Community, College, and Career.

The Need:

Working with the Director of Students, the Education Manager will serve as a vital asset to Future 5 by ensuring all members academic information is accessible to the staff and developing the academic support curriculum for our high school students, ensuring a 100% graduation rate and a path to college or career.

This position is responsible for coordinating all after-school tutoring efforts, instilling strong study skills and routines and strengthening the overall reading, writing and math abilities of our members. The Education Manager will assess our students’ academic needs and work to create support, games and workshops to accomplish student’s academic goals.


  • Collect and review progress reports and transcripts of Future 5 members
  • Update staff on student academic history, honor achievements and remedial needs
  • Research school district academic expectations and ensure Future 5 has material to support our students at each grade level
  • Sustain connections with Guidance Counselors
  • Sustain communication with Stamford Public Schools Administrative team
  • Oversee SAT/ACT programming and score tracking
  • Recruit and coordinate tutoring program.
  • Serve as the primary contact for tutors
  • Establish relationships with college/career counselors in our vicinity
  • Coordinate student information flow with related Staff, as necessary


  • Experience working in the Education sector.
  • Familiarity with Stamford Public School system and curriculum.
  • Energy and optimism and a commitment to Future 5’s mission.
  • Strong communications skills both verbal and written.
  • Bachelor’s degree


Part-time position 10-15 hours per week, primarily weekday afternoons.
Compensation commensurate with experience.

To find out more…please contact:

Lise Leist, Director of Students
[email protected]
203-358-8787 x106