Job Prep is “Life Prep”

Job Prep 1
We call it Job Prep. On the surface, the appeal for our kids is that Job Prep is about all things jobs: resumes, interview skills, summer job searches, job shadowing, even internships. But for the 22 intrepid members who committed to all 6 sessions and graduated with their special business cards and letter of reference, Future 5 Job Prep is so much more. It is about the all-important soft skills our young members will need to navigate life. Popular discussions include: How do you make a positive first impression (“you have only seven seconds” and “watch out for that dead fish handshake”)? What are the secrets to active listening? What goes into an effective, confident elevator pitch? How do you market yourself as a brand (“watch what you post on Facebook”)?

With help from our Job Prep Coaches – 12 amazing volunteers who lent us their time and real world experience each week – each of our students had opportunities to directly interact with new adult acquaintances and put newly acquired soft skills to the test.

Yes, Job Prep prepares Future 5 students for the job/career world in tangible ways, but it may be the intangibles we teach them that will serve them best in life. Job Prep is really “life prep.”