Future 5 Students Graduate from Here2There Workshop

Here2There 12-2014 graduates

Recognition ceremony at Stamford’s Old Town Hall

Future 5, a Stamford-based nonprofit that helps low-income high school students in Stamford, CT graduate and connect to a better and sustainable education and career path, announced that 20 students have graduated from the most recent required “Here2There” workshop, which qualifies students to become official full members of the organization. Fifteen students already graduated from “Here2There” in October. Currently there are 115 Future 5 members.

Students will be recognized at Future 5’s annual holiday party on Monday, December 22 at the Old Town Hall on Atlantic Street from 4:00-6:00pm. Those interested in learning more about the nonprofit are encouraged to attend.

“We are thrilled and proud to graduate our 13th wave of Here2There students since the organization was founded five years ago. This is our second graduation this school year! All of our students accomplished a great deal in a very short period of time and are now are equipped with a personalized game plan for their future that they can begin to implement with confidence and success,” said Clif McFeely, founder and executive director of Future 5.

The required workshop focuses on the importance of motivation, commitment, self-control, overcoming gremlins and concludes with students creating a personal game plan for success. Future 5 students must graduate from the Here2There workshop, which is at the core of the organization’s philosophy, with a game plan for life in order to become full members. After graduating from the Here2There workshop, students move on with one-on-one and group coaching as well as completing Future 5’s formalized job prep and college prep workshops. Future 5’s Job Prep workshops for members begin January 13.

“The staff, coaches and volunteers of Future 5 know that it is never too late to shape the future for each and every student. By offering a membership in a caring community, building stronger character and providing a network of support, they empower students to realize their potential for success in life,” said Polly Perkins Johnson, chairman of the board of Future 5.