Are you familiar with QuestBridge?

QB_logo_black_hi-resQuestBridge is a powerful platform connecting the nation’s brightest, under-served youth with leading institutions of higher education and further opportunities.

Referred to by the New York Times as “A National Admissions Office for Low-Income Strivers,” QuestBridge’s National College Match program is designed to help high-achieving, low-income students gain admission and scholarships to some of the country’s best colleges and universities.

Staying ahead of the game, our College Coaching Directors, Nancy Roath and Debbie Eagan set out to bring QuestBridge to Future 5. And this fall, five of our student members completed the application and are waiting to be selected as QuestBridge finalists. Each student worked with the coaches and chose 8 out of 35 partner colleges to be matched up with. If selected, a student will receive a full four-year scholarship from their match.

Hundreds of scholarship finalists who aren’t selected during the College Match may be admitted separately to the colleges, through a more typical admissions process, often with nearly full scholarships.

We are hoping that all five Future 5 students have met their academic match! Visit QuestBridge at