Flo Grant, a Stamford High School alum, is expected to graduate from Northeastern University in June 2018. Flo’s connections to the Future 5 staff and many of the coaches remain strong, and she has just landed a prestigious Northeastern co-op position at NBC’s Today Show starting this summer.



Greg joined Future 5 in his freshman year of high school, looking for help in math. This fall, he began his freshman year of college at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Read the letter Greg wrote us as he left for college. –>


Mirriam joined Future 5 her sophomore year hiding behind a quiet, shy exterior shielding her fierce inner determination. In addition to her studies, Mirriam works five days a week at the Tully Medical Center, a crucial step in pursuing her interest in nursing and a means of helping her family with living expenses.



Eric joined Future 5 during his sophomore year as a student with difficulties in language and lacking professional social skills. At the beginning, Eric had a hard time with the basics of interacting with adults – handshakes, eye contact, confidence, and the ability to ask for help.


Future 5 helps motivated, low-income high school students in Stamford connect to their full potential.