Norwalk Community College is the right place for me

photo-3---Edwar“Going back to school, I had mixed emotions, I was excited but also nervous about the transition to college,” Edwar Orantes said as he headed down the Future 5 stairs on his first day headed to Norwalk.

Edwar first arrived at Future 5 halfway through his junior year at West Hills High School. An affable, big-hearted kid who loved wrestling and football, he won “The Heart of the Viking” award for team spirit after his senior year. But he was unsure of his plans after graduation and debated whether or not college was even the right “fit” for him. Clif McFeely took Edwar under his wing, attended all of his football games and coached him through the college application process, until he finally decided that NCC was the school for him.

Edwar is enjoying his third week of freshman classes as a Restaurant and Food Service Management major with hopes of graduating with an Associate’s Degree. He is taking Principles of Food, College Writing & English, Number Sense/Pre-Algebra, and Freshman Seminar.

Edwar continues to climb the Future 5 staircase and has shared his plan to transfer to Johnson & Wales in Providence, Rhode Island after NCC to continue his culinary education. His dream is to own his own restaurant. Bon appėtit, Edwar!